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(Also see Veterinary Scales)

AL660-LA: Designed for horse and large animal applications. This scale combines low profile design, aluminum construction and a durable hard rubber top pad to create a scale ideally suited for farm or stable environment. Aluminum construction and stainless steel captive ball feet work together to make this an easy to move and easy to level weighing platform which is impervious to weather and corrosion. See indicator page for optional indicators.
Features: 1/4" structural tubular aluminum construction. 1/4" smooth aluminum deck plate. 1/4" rubber mat. Side access plastic NEMA 4X junction box. Stainless steel captive ball feet for unmatched stability on even the most irregular surface. 150% overload protection. 100% end loading protection. Low profile design only 3 1/2" high. 20 foot shielded indicator cable. Shock load protection. Four internally mounted shear beam load cells. NTEP certified-5,000 divisions, class III/IIIL, environmentally protected, IP 67 water resistant rated.
USDA Approved
Animal, Horse, Veterinary, Cambridge
24" x 48"
1,000 lb x .2 lb
Call for Pricing
24" x 48"
2,500 lb x .5 lb
Call for Pricing
36" x 72"
1,000 lb x .2 lb
Call for Pricing
36" x 72"
2,500 lb x .5 lb
Call for Pricing


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