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Boom Angle Sensor

(Also see Anti 2 Block)

LOAD & A2B - Model 365 Radio Boom Angle Indicator
Model 365: Satisfy safety regulations. Installs in an hour. Wireless design for cab down cranes. No cable reels, no hard wires, no hassles. Installs easily on mobile, lattice, dock and barge cranes. Marine option specifically for salt water or corrosive environments. Intrinsically safe option also available
Features: Crane operators enjoy this maintenance free system which is simple to understand and operate. An easy to read digital display continually indicates the boom angle. Simple buttons on the panel allow the operator to set high/low boom angle presets. When these angle presets are exceeded the audible alarm alerts the crane operator. Wireless technology and simplicity in design ensures superior reliability over any other boom angle indicator. Operating temperature -40°F to 122°F. Two year factory warranty.
Boom Angle Sensor, Load & A2B
Load A2B 365
Radio (wireless)
$ 1,695.00



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