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Service and Repair

We offer a complete in-house repair facility to service most
makes and models. (See our service page for more info)

Netweigh's staff of trained technicians can service, repair
and calibrate most makes and models of electronic weight
monitoring devices. We do our own work in our own facility
so our customers down time is minimized.

Before contacting Netweigh for load cell repair we suggest
you read the Load Cell troubleshooting page. There are
several tests that can be performed that may narrow the
problem down to a specific component, reducing your
down time and repair costs.

Netweigh will make every effort to maintain the prices listed
and to avoid errors in the preparation of this catalog. In the unlikely
event of an error or manufacture change we reserve the right
to make adjustments as necessary. All prices are In US dollars.

For support via email: [email protected]



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