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Crane System

LOAD & A2B - Crane Smart System
Model CSS: State-of-the-art crane safety product. This system provides the information your crane operator needs to make every lift safe and secure with unequalled accuracy and reliability. The receiver panel has a large clear vacuum fluorescent display which is easy to read and understand day or night.
The following display information is available at a glance:
Crane System
  • Boom angle
  • Boom radius
  • Maximum rated load
  • Actual load lifted
  • Load as a percentage of maximum
  • Current load chart title
The following information is available with the push of a button:
  • Tip height
  • Boom length
  • Parts-of-line
  • Load chart details
The Crane Smart System also provides an alarm and output signal for function shut-downs for all of the following conditions:
  • Approaching two-block
  • Min. / Max. angle exceeded
  • Min. / Max. load exceeded
  • Min. / Max. radius exceeded
  • Min. / Max. tip height exceeded
  • Maximum rated load moment exceeded
Features: Advanced ‘handshake’ technology provides an instant visual and audible warning for individual component malfunctions. System self diagnosis provides troubleshooting and service information. A low battery indicator provides three weeks notice that a replacement is needed. Easy installation, no hard wires, no hydraulic hoses, no cable reels. install it yourself in as little as three hours.

Load Crane Smart System



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